She’s on Tape is the fusion of two women, Anna Mastrolitto and Mim Majadas, aka MIMIk, creators of the self-titled music program on Radio Primavera Sound. The program has focused on giving visibility to emerging sounds and artists, in this case women, which has been producing in cassette format, a phenomenon that has been “on the rise” for some years.

Thanks to the collaboration of Marc Moreno of FARB, this exclusive set on cassette will be played with a device that allows modifying the tone (speed) of any cassette player and that also imitates the system and technique of playing on vinyl or on a digital turntable.
After an exciting research work behind us, this time we will have a MIMIk “to the walkman” to propose a sound journey on the most interesting productions of Synth-pop, Darkwave, Cold Wave, New Wave and Post Punk.