Dame Area mixes synths and live percussion, industrialism and tribalism.
Their music works as a musical Rorschach test: some people call them Tribal Wave, others Latin EBM, some say they do pure Krautrock some say that they do Industrial Post Punk.

Silvia Konstance and Viktor L.Crux, (a collaborator of Nurse With Wound and J.Arbeit from E.Neubauten) are part of Màgia Roja, a place unlike any other in Spain, perhaps any other on earth (says The Quietus), a label and venue in Barcelona, Viktor being the resident DJ there.

Their music has been played in the sets of some of the bravest DJs out there including The Hacker, Identified Patient, Toulouse Low Trax, Vladimir Ivkovic, Yamatsuka Eye (Boredoms) or Tommy Tokyo (Group A) among others.
They have just been signed by Mannequin Records which will release their second LP this autumn.