If red was the visual motive of Dario Argento’s masterpiece “Suspiria”, to the point that the filmmaker started to use it constantly in all of his films, when talking about Angel Molina it is necessary to emphasize his nonconformist and experimental character, always looking for the excellence every time he plays as a DJ.
These musical features, combined with a prodigious technique and good tuning with the dance floor, have helped to establish Molina as a key player in the development of Spanish dance music from its inception to the present day.
With techno as its main style but also far from any type of genre or style, his DJ sets are always a precious opportunity for the most restless ears, an occasion to discover new tunes and a party for those who enjoy the dance floor.
A referent and a master, Molina is one of the greatest DJs in the world and a talent that continues to work for improving his technique with great professionalism and, above all, with passion.
Angel Molina is the 30D Records Resident DJ and the manager for the sub-label ‘Eyes Have it’ besides A&R together with 30dorp for the whole 30D Records label releases.